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Masasa Mbangeni claps back at claims that ‘Scandal!’ will fall without her



While Scandal! fans are still grieving the death of her character Thembeka, actress Masasa Mbangeni has taken time to reassure fans that the show will continue to be interesting even without her.

The tyrant was shot dead by her nemesis Mthunzi Mayisa on Wednesday night’s episode of the hit e.tv soapie, leaving many fans heartbroken.

Masasa’s exit comes just weeks after Scandal! bid their farewells to veteran actress Kgomotso Christopher.

When fans expressed their concern that the show was bleeding talent and will end up losing viewers as a result, Masasa stepped in to reassure them.

She said that the show would survive without her and other talented actors, because that was “the nature of the work”.

“Thats how storytelling is all about the coming and going of characters or else it will not move. It’s allowed. It’s the nature of the work,” she said.

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The star intially left the soapie in 2016, and coming back last year.

She has shot down suggestions of rejoining the soapie again, saying her character is “death dead”.

Rather, Masasa will be taking some time out to work on herself and be on the lookout for new opportunities.

Bhut’ Masasa
Surviving a global pandemic & revisiting why she’s an artist. What that means and all the achievement that comes with it . In her spare time she’s nursing her mental health and loving the love of her life Gwydion ❤️❤️❤️ …

She told True Love magazine in February that her return on the show last year nearly failed.

“Going back to where I’d started my career really flustered me. A few months ago, I got a call from Scandal!, informing me that they wanted to bring my old character back. To be truly frank, I had mixed emotions about it. Many things about me had changed, and I wondered if returning would do the character any good, and how it would be taken by the public.

“During my last days at Scandal!, I was personally going through emotional disturbance. That, I assume, helped in how I played the character. Therefore, I knew that the way I approached Thembeka this time around would have to be different.”