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Black worker’s at Dischem subjected to racism


Black worker’s at Dischem subjected to racism. It is quite unfortunate that at this point and time black people are still being discriminated against while we claim that we have attained our freedom. It has been reported that black worker’s at Dischem are being subjected to racism as they are being forced to go and seat outside for lunch. The news broke out when a realible source took to twitter to expose how black employees are being treated at Dischem. In his tweet the user claimed that black employees are not allowed in the kitchen as it is reserved for the white employees while the black employees are expected to eat in the passage.

The tweet caused an outroar on Twitter as cases of racism especially in Africa against Africans for that matter are not expected to be happening in 2020. Overally racism is wrong nomatter who it is, as South Africa has been declared a free country which accommodate’s all race’s nomatter where they are from. It turns out Dischem which is one of the big chain stores in the country feels that some races are superior than others hence why they treat their employees according to their skin colour.

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The tweet that was shared on Twitter read that racism was being practiced as employees are not equally treated, others are not allowed to use the cafeteria, blacks to be precise, while on the other hand white only have access to the cafeteria.

“Employees at hemmingways Dischem East London are being mistreated and made to have lunch on the passage way while the white people eat at the cafeteria and are allowed to use the kitchen while blacks are not allowed. ”

The tweet was received with mixed reactions while some believe the claim others feel it’s just a hoax in an attempt to tarnish Dischem’s image. Oner user went on to say “Rubbish claim ever. Many of us black people enjoy this kind of chilling during lunchtime and this picture doesn’t provide any evidence of what this adv wrote” said one user.