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Cassper Nyovest shares how covid-19 ruined his plans.


Cassper Nyovest shares how covid-19 ruined his plans. South African rapper Cassper Nyovest will be turning 30 years in a few days to come however the rapper said he won’t be getting the birthday present he wanted and all thanks to covid-19. Taking to twitter Mufasa shared how he had intended to buy a 458 Ferrari for himself on his birthday however the covid-19 and it’s lockdown made his plans unattainable.

However the rapper said even though he didn’t manage to get his Ferrari he is grateful that he managed to get his son Khotso and to him that is the best gift he has received so far. Khotso was born in Sept 2020 and Mufasa can’t get enough of his little son and he has promised to brag about his son any chance he gets.

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Cassper is not the only artist who was negatively affected by the virus. Many artist were since they make most of their money from live performances and during the lockdown it was prohibited and many artist had to cut back on their expenses. Tweeting about his 30th Birthday the father of one said “It’s My birthday in a few days and my dream was to buy myself a 458 Ferrari on my 30th birthday. I was gonna hit my goal but covid messed my plans. I got a beautiful baby boy though and that’s the best gift I have ever gotten in my life. Ima get a rarri one-day doe. 2022!!!” We hope Mufasa manages to get his dream car anytime soon.