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Jazz artist Mbuso Khoza robbed of cellphone and R30 000

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Jazz artist Mbuso Khoza robbed of cellphone and R30 000. Sunday 6 December 2020 was really a terrible day for award winning Jazz artist, Mbudo Khoza as he got robbed. The singer was robbed of his cellphone and his bank cards and the robbers have even gone to withdraw over R30 000 from his bank account.

Mbuso got robbed while he was in a restaurant in Melville Joburg while he was just returning from the Satmas in Mpumalanga.

“I was having dinner when an unknown man entered and walked straight to me,” he said.

“I wasn’t necessarily paying attention and had the phone in my hand. The man suddenly grabbed it, and I initially thought this must be an old friend playing tricks on me.

“But he ran away with my phone and bank cards.

“I chased the thug but couldn’t catch him because he jumped inside a car and they sped off.

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There were three of them in the car.

Mbuso said he could’ve fought them off, but the car windows were closed.

“I understand that I put my life in danger. I couldn’t let them take my valuables easily.

“I was prepared to get inside that car and fight them, but their windows were closed.”

He said he blocked the bank cards and did a SIM swap.

“They’ve withdrawn more than R30 000. But they’re still withdrawing my money even after blocking the bank cards.

“I’m not sure how this is possible because the bank card is with me, but they’re able to do transactions.”

Mbuso hasn’t opened a case.

“Everything happened so fast and I had to rush back to Durban. But I’ll open a case this week,” he said.