Home Entertainment Mzansi Celebs Somizi and Mohale headed for a divorce and here is why.

Somizi and Mohale headed for a divorce and here is why.


Somizi and Mohale headed for a divorce and here is why. Talks about Mohale and Somizi splitting have been circulating for a very long time now however lately it seems things are pretty bad between the two. This time around it had been alleged that the two have actually decided to separate and they having divorce talks at the moment. Many were under the impression that the problem in the two’s relationship is caused by the suspicious relationship of Somizi and Vusi Nova.

However a close source has revealed that the main cause of the rift between the two is Mohale’s cheating ways. It has been alleged that Mohale even cheated on Somizi few weeks before their wedding which made Somizi even want to cancel the wedding. However it is Mohale’s latest cheating escaped that has pushed Somizi to the wall.

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A close source said Mohale cheated on Somizi with a married man. “The guy is married to a woman and has kids. That is why Somizi did not come out about this because he wanted to be sensitive to protect the guy’s young children. The guy is also financially powerful, so he doesn’t want to drag his name and reputation,” the source claimed.

“The boy [Mohale] is all over the show, but I don’t blame him. He is young and Somizi wanted to get married as he is old.

Mohale just wants to play, he was not ready. Even a week before the wedding, Somizi wanted to cut off the wedding because he found out that Mohale was cheating, but he could not,”

It’s also being rumoured that Mohale is no longer staying at their matrimonial home in Dainfern, northern Johannesburg and is actually staying in Sandton with a friend. Another source had this to say “They are civil towards each other, but the true fact is that they are not together anymore. Mohale moved out and he no longer has access to drive Somizi’s cars. He is not wearing his wedding ring.

“He does not go to their matrimonial home in Dainfern. It is believed that they are busy negotiating their divorce settlement,” the source alleged.

When Mohale was reached for comment he refused to comment he simply said “I thought you were calling me about something else. If it is about this then, no, I choose not to say anything.”

On the other hand Somizi was breathing fire when reached for comment he even threatened taking up the matter to the courts. “Please make my year and write that story. I will sue the living hell out of you and your publication for this crap you are asking me.”