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Somizi has thumbed his nose at Sanef as he refuse to apologise to the journalists he insulted


Somizi has thumbed his nose at Sanef as he refuse to apologise to the journalists he insulted. Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung went out of line when he insulted two journalist Khumalo Madibogo from Sunday world and Kabelo Khumalo from city press. Somizi insulted them separately Madibogo’s crime was asking Somizi about his alleged divorce from Mohale while Kabelo was insulted for asking about his cooking show being put on hold due legal issues. He didn’t only stop at insulting them he went on to expose their numbers on Instagram so that his fans would attack them as well.

This didn’t seat down well with a lot of social media users even the South African National Editors forum (Sanef) was not pleased with Somizi’s action and asked him to publicly apologize for his actions. They also called onto the journalist to lay intimidation charges against Somizi.
“Further, we call on the journalists to lay charges of intimidation and for MultiChoice to officially distance themselves from Mhlongo’s comments,” Sanef said.

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However Somizi was not moved by all this and he has bluntly refused to apologise. When he was reached for comment Somizi had this to say “I am not going to issue an apology. For me it is tit-for-tat. Let them bring it on. I have been bullied for a long time.

“My life is in [the] public eye and journalists have to write what they like about me as long it is factual. What I have noticed all my entire life is that some journalists are exercising their powers in the wrong way.

“I only learnt through the media that my husband has cheated on me with a married person – which is not true. There is no such a thing. They are writing things that are not factual. They don’t verify their facts whenever they write about me,” said Mhlongo-Motaung.

The Metro FM co-host complained that he and his husband were always on the receiving end of attack from fans.

“We now have a platform on social media where we can raise our view because I am tired of little and hidden apologies from newspapers. I am livid and am not going to apologise.”

He said he was not worried about the possibility of being reported to either Multichoice or the SABC.

“If they think they will report me (they can go ahead). I am a freelancer and not employed permanently by M-Net and SABC. There are journalists who are hellbent on destroying my career. Mohale is also not spared, he is being bullied too,” Mhlongo-Motaung said.

He went on to say that no one would dictate to him how to conduct himself, saying he will survive without his flashy jobs.

“Nobody will tell me what to do and how to react. No amount of money will make me sell my soul and that of my family just because I need a job.

“I can’t succumb to bullying. I have seen how the media destroyed people and some ended up taking drugs to calm down. The fortunate part is that I am sober, and I will stand [up] for myself,” he concluded.