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SAD: Jacob Zuma ready to accept his two year jail sentence


Former South African president Jacob Zuma wrote 25 point statement and shared them with the public on why he didn’t appear before the judge at the constitutional court, Msholozi said that he is ready to serve any jail sentence that he will be given.

It looks like Jacob Zuma has lost hope and trust in the South African judges more especially in the constitutional court, Zuma’s pending charges of fraud and corruption have left him drained as the court case has been going on for years now. Although he failed to appear before the state of commission, Zuma was given another date where he is expected to appear before the judge but it seems he has no interest in doing so.

The former president feels like even if he does appear before the judge he will be ruled unfairly which why he is not going to do so and us ready to take any sentence he will be given.

“Unfortunately, when people rise up against this judicial corruption, our young democracy will unravel, and many democratic gains will be lost in the ashes that will be left of what used to be our democratic state.”