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Annie warns Bushiri to turn away from his evil deeds or else Raphaella will follow Israella


It looks like the prophetess who prophesized the death of Shepherd Bushiri’s daughter, Israella was not wrong after all as it really came true. Annie has now given Bushiri a warning as she revealed that if he doesn’t turn away from his evil deeds he will pay heavily for it as he will lose another daughter Raphaella.

The prophetess advised them to set their followers free as they have been leading them to the dark for many years now and its time they put everything to the end, as they have been only doing it to inrich themselves and taking advantage of the poor people.

Annie said that if they continue with their ways ways they will also lose their other daughter, she had given them a prophecy and chose not to listen to her. So it will be very wise of them this time if they listen to her and spare their daughter’s life.

It seems when it comes to the Bushiri’s they use everything to their own gains, they better listen to Annie’s warning or they suffer another huge loss.