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Sad: Durban man brutally murdered for being gay


It’s sad that we just recently celebrated human rights day yet some people in the community still lives in fear. I though by now South Africans would have learned to understand all s_xualities. Homophobia was suppose to be a thing of the past but seems its still continues even today smd many people are living in fear because of that.

Durban gays were left panicking after a man was brutally killed for being gay earlier this week. According to the reports Sphamandla Khoza who was 34 year-old was stabbed and they slit his throat, he lived in Ntuzuma and they suspect it was a hate crime.

Its sad that gays will now have to live in fear and be afraid of coming out as it could also cost them their lives. Social media reports reported that after the suspect brutally killed the victim, they Sphamandla’s shoes and left them outside his home.

People can be really cruel out there, many people have been coming together on twitter as they tweet awareness on Sphamandla Khoza’s death so that justice can be done. It so sad that people can be so hateful to a point that are capable of murder.