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Another Bushiri? Dr Tumi and his wife arrested by hawks for fraud


Today we work up to unexpected news about Dr Tumi and his wife, after Bushiri’s money laundry and fraud scandals, it seems some of our South African celebrities are following in his footsteps. It was revealed that Dr Tumi and his wife were arrested by Hawks on fraud charges and tveh were both released on R3000 bail each on Tuesday.

The couple was granted bail at the commercial crimes court in Palm Ridge. Tumisang Makweya and his wife Kgaogelo Makweya handed themselves over to the hawks as the were facing fraud charges of the amount of R1.5 million and they were both released the same day on bail.

This has rise a lot of questions from rje public ad of looks like the celebrities are the same, it seems its not Bushiri and his is capable of doing that as some of our celebrities are also getting involves in such crimes.

According to the information that was provided by Hawks the two accused were put as committee members of an non-profit organisation and they allegedly submitted fake application documents to the National Lotteried Board for approval of funds about two years back.

“They handed themselves in at the Johannesburg office escorted by their attorney and were subsequently charged for fraud. They appeared in the Palm Ridge Specialised Commercial Crimes Court today and were granted bail of R3000 each. The case was postponed to 07 May 2021 for docket disclosure,” the hawks reported.