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Jet Novuka dies on Uzalo!!


The rumors of the departure of captain Jet Novuka started a few months are ago, as several publications had revealed that the character will be leaving the show while some alleged that he was fired from the show. However it seems that the talented actor will be leaving the show and he will be leaving for good.

His exit really shocked a lot of Uzalo viewers considering how talented he is and he was really loved by many, it was revealed that his character will die and exit the show on the upcoming action episodes. Jet will die during Mangcobo’s heist which she had been planning for long now, but she hadn’t been able to put her plan on action because captain Mpambani is watching her every move.

Nomfundo Zondi who is the Uzalo’s spokesperson said that the actor’s character, captain mpambani will be killed and leaves the show for good because his storyline couldn’t be continued after the death of Mangcobo.

“Captain Mpambani will be killed by Nkunzi, played by Masoja Msiza on episode 50, which will be on the 13 May. The viewers will see his body on 14 May. We expect action and emotions,” said Nomfundo.