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“No man has hit on me in the last 15 years” says Thandiswa Mazwayi


Singer Thandiswa Mazwayi is one of our South African celebrities who are always active on their social media accounts more expecially on twitter. The songstress recently joined in a conversation which was started media personality Sizwe Dhlomo. The conversation was about twitter users answering questions about relationships.

Sizwe Shlomo asked his fellow twitter users how many people want them right now as he wrote “if you were to estimate, how many people want you right noe? Lol!”

Many people responded to Sizwe Dhlomo’s question and one of those people is Thandiswa Mazwayi, she said that no man have been hitting on her for many years now.

She added that no one has been hitting on her the past 15 years, but women smiles at her everytime they see her.

“I’m serious!!! Especially men! I don’t think a man has hit on me in about 15yrs atleast women used to smile at me,” she said.

Many of her fans thought the songstress was lying and she asked any man who have ever hit on her to show themselves. However she also revealed that she has been in a relationship for the past 15 years.