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Thobile and GC are back on Uzalo


Just a few months back Uzalo viewers were complaining about the shows storyline as they felt it had become too boring for them. Many viewers were threatening to stop watching the show if they don’t change their storyline, the story writer tried to bring son actions and people were happy.

However viewers just recently got over the moon after the return of Thobike and GC, the two have always brought a lot of fun into the soapie and a lot if viewers really loves them. The show was really never the same without them, their return has brought a lot of joy to the viewers.

Although their ate not back permanently, viewers are really gapoy to see two of their favourite faces in the show. The really brought a lot of energy on the show which they hadn’t seen in a while.

Nokuthula Mabika and Khaya Dladla have returned to the show and resumed their characters, fans have never been this happy in a while and they have all the viewers eating in their hands.

According to Uzalo producer, they have always wanted the two to come back so they can bring some spice to the show. According yo the duo they always wanted to come back and the exit of Dawn Thandeka King was the perfect chance for them.

“Although they’re not back permanently, we’re considering the possibility of their characters living throughout the season.”