Home Entertainment Prayers pours in for the exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu

Prayers pours in for the exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu


Reality star Zodwa Wabantu is famously known for her dancing which led her to her fame, it seems being on the spotlight is not always so easy. Zodwa can relate to that as she has been in the spotlight many times only for the wrong reasons.

It looks like the exotic dancer hasn’t been doing well financially as she finds herself in a very huge debt, even with her eggs and chicken business it seems its not generating enough money to cover all her expenses.

According to a reliable Zodwa Wabantu has found herself in a very huge debt of R30 000 after failing to pitch for a show which they had already paid her for. The exotic dancer was booked for months in advance and paid to greet and meet people at Limpopo Butchery, but failed to appear leaving the guests very disappointed.

The sad part about it is that Zodwa failed to pitch not because she was busy or her schedule was tight as she wsx spotted in Bloemfontein on the that day having a good time. The butchery owner is not happy with Zodwa as he promised to take her to court if she fails to pay back the money.