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Justice finally served: Lufuno’s bully has been arrested


Lufuno Mavhunga’s death as left the whole country bleeding, even our South African celebrities were affected by it considering that she was just a 15-year-old girl. This matter has made a lot if people realise how affecting bullying can be.

Lufuno has been the number one trending topic on Twitter and even on the news, her story gas gained a lot of attention as people really feels sorry for Lufuno’s family as the tragic loss of their daughter must be hard on them. Many people have been wanting justice for Lufuno since the video broke the internet yesterday.

It seems that justice has finally been served for Lufuno as it was reported that her bully had been arrested, however the police didn’t want the community to intervene and they will not be allowed at the court hearing as they want to deal with the matter as discreet as possible considering that the bully is also just a minor. So they want her out if the public eye.

The news about Lufuno’s bully’s arrest has brought a lot of happiness and closure to many people as they didn’t want Lufuno’s death to go unpunished