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A video if a lady making amagwinya with her legs goes viral


Hygiene is the most important rule age you’re in a food business, people trusts you with their lives when they buy food from you so its so important that you take hygiene seriously so that people don’t end up getting sick because of your food.

Even street vendors who sekks fruits always has a bottle of water besides them so that customers can wash their fruits after buying them, which is a way of showing hygiene and caring for their customers. They always we should always support black business so that many black people can become successful business people just like the white people.

How are we suppose to support their businesses if they aren’t taking their businesses serious and putting the health of people who will buy their products at risk. A video of a lady who was caught mixing flour with her feet has been trending on the social media for a few days now.

The woman was mixing her flour using her foot and even laughing about it, its so sad that people will buy amagwinya from her to support her business while she’s doing such behind close doors.

“We Never Thought Some People Can Have Some Nerves To Show Us Up A Video Like This, We Love AmaGwinya As They Are So Good And Affordable But By Seeing This Tragic Thing We No Longer Interested To Buy Any Kind Of These Products From People, We Tried Boosting And Supporting Them As A Black African Family But Is Them Who Let Their Business Down”.

Watch the video below: