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SAD: Lufuno was let down by her school principal when she reported her bully


A lot of people who did not help Lufuno after being bullied keeps on being exposed, the latest person is the Mbilwi Secondary school principal. It was recently revealed that after Lufuno was bullied she went to the principal and reported the incident, however the principal didn’t do anything about.

This left Lufuno helpless as she felt that she couldn’t get the help she needed at school after her principal left her bullying matter unresolved which is what led Lufuno to commit su_cide as she felt she was not safe at school.

The details about the principal just recently brought to light by the school security guard who watched the who thing unfold, however by the tjnr he tried to help Lufuno she was already beaten up.

After the security guard stopped the fight Lufuno told her the whole ordeal as she revealed that she had been bullied fur a long time and she was even scared to go back to class as she feared that her bully might beat her again.

Considering his serious the issue wsd the security guard took the issue to the principal and he quickly dismissed it and told the security to tell Lufuno to go back to class. Lufuno was left with no choice but to go back to class that day evdb though she was scared, which is why she decided to take her own life when she got home because she didn’t feel safe anymore at school.

“Before Lufuno Mavhunga was violently beaten by a bully, she had reported the bully’s threats to the school but the principal had dismissed her concerns and told her to return to class,” the security guard said.