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WATCH: Inside Nelli Tembe’s funeral service


22-year-old Anele “Nelli” Tembe was finally laid to rest after passing on in the most tragic and painful way. Family and close friends were gathered at Durban International Conference Center on Friday 16 April as they pay their last respects and say their goodbyes to Nelli Tembe.

Nelli was engaged to rapper AKA and he had paid lobola for a week before her tragic death.

Apparently Nelli fell from the 10th floor hotel where they were staying with AKA for the weekend in Cape Town as he was booked at Ayepyep lounge to perform. The incident occured on Sunday morning at Pepperclub hotel.

Nelli’s body arrived in Durban on Wednesday accompanied by AKA and other family members. The memorial service took place on Wednesday and she was finally laid to rest on Friday.

Due to covid19 restrictions only family and close friends were allowed to attend the funeral as the covid29 restrictions only allows 100 people to attend a funeral.

However for those who wanted to pay their last respects had to watch the funeral service on YouTube.

Here is the link of the funeral service below:

“It feels like Anele is going to walk in here at any moment with her bubbly spirit. Anele was so fierce about the way that she loved her friends. She was just that friend who was unapologetic when she loved someone. Anele was that friend we had to keep reminding that it’s just a game when we played 30 Seconds,” Anele’s friend said.