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Another video of bullying in Germiston breaks the internet


Another video of bullying has just broke the internet, its so sad that we ate still morning Lufuno Mavhunga’s death and she hasn’t been buried yet and we already have another case of bullying.

It seems these high schools pupils ate not taking this issue if bullying serious and they still don’t understand that bullying us a crime. How can we have another video if bullying the same week as Lufuno’s incident, it seems they haven’t learnt any thing from the situation at Mbilwi Secondary School.

This time the bullying is from Germiston, the video was shared in social media on Thursday. The fight between two high school girls happened in the bathroom in the school premises. We could see the other girl brutally beating the defenseless girl and also strangling her.

The incident happened at Dinwiddie High school in Germiston, however the school has not yet commented on the incident despite the video that has been circulating on social media.

Just like Lufuno’s incident no one intervened nor tried to stop the fight as all they did was taking video.

Watch the video here:

On Thursday Gauteng MEC Panyaza Lesufi released a statement regarding the incident that occurred at Dinwiddie High School, he revealed that the incident involved two grade 10 learners and the fight happened on Monday and the school body had already intervened on the matter.

The parents of the two learners were summoned at school and both students were suspended and will be facing desciplinary hearing next week.

“Violence has no place in our schools and we call on school management to work with parents and the department of education to ensure we bring these acts of ill-discipline and misconduct to a swift end,” Lesufi said.