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Bullying victim Lufuno Mavunga finally laid to rest


Friends and family if Lufuno Mavhunga were all gathered at Lufuno’s funeral as they paid their last respects to her, the 15-year-old was laid to test on Saturday the 17th of April. Lufuna was bullied and assaulted by a fellow learner at Mbilwi High School in Limpopo and after reporting the matter to the school principal and it was dismissed she committed sui_cide.

It was reported after the incident at school, Lufuno went home and over dosed herself with pills she found in her home and she rushed to the hospital but it was to late to save her life. Her death touched the while country and even many Mzansi celebrities were also touched by Lufuno’s story.

Lufuno was given a befitting send off and her funeral service was broadcasted on television, many students from Mbilwi secondary school came out fully dressed in their uniforms bad the pay tribute to their fellow student. Although her bully was arrested, people seem not to find peace as Lufuno is no more.

Her friends cried their eyes out during the funeral as they were seeing lufuno for the last time before putting her to her final resting place.

“What was her crime? Being silent? Being nice? I was fuming when she cried in my lap and I couldn’t do anything. Although we may have fights sometimes, the love was always there, never weakened and never broken,” she said.