Home Entertainment Uzalo viewers very happy with the return of Mastermind on the show

Uzalo viewers very happy with the return of Mastermind on the show


Uzalo viewers are really happy with the characters who have been returning to the show recently, it seems the production has decided to spice things up and give them the taste of how Uzalo used to be before many characters left the show.

A few months back viewers were not so happy with show as they felt that their story line was boring and the show was also loosing viewers, since then the production knew that they needed to do something so that they’d show remains the most watched show on SABC1 and keep their viewers entertained. The show’s storyline has really improved a lot and fans are really enjoying their favourite soapie.

First it was the return of Thobile and GC and now Mastermind has also comeback, fans were really excited to see him as he made his deput during Mangcobo’s hiest. The returning of old cast on Uzalo has proved to be a huge improvement on the sure as viewers are always looking forward to the next episode of the show.

“We were just waiting for the right moment and with the exit of Thandeka, we thought this is the perfect opportunity. We were giving her a perfect exit and sort of a remembrance of where Uzalo started and is going,” the show’s producer said.