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Unexpected blow fur Uzalo fans as Mastermind leaves the show again


South African acted TK Dlamini well-known as Mastermind on Uzalo took it to social media to answer some of fans questions after he appeared on the show after a longtime during Mangcobi’s final heist. After the show released its teaser, it was revealed that the character was coming back to the show and fans were delighted with the news.

Mastermind is one of gge most loved characters in the show as he always brings more action to the show, fans fell in love with his character from the very beginning and they were left heartbroken when he left as Uzali was never the same again without him. The character’s time of the screens really did him good as he got enough time to spend with his daughter and baby mama Jessica Nkosi.

The acor had been off the screens for seven months and after he appeared on the show again many fans were really happy to see him. However since he appeared during Magcobo’s heist that 2as the end of it as he never appeared again, fans had been wondering whether he the actor had came back for good or itbeas just for a shirt while just like Thobile and GC.

Well according to the Uzalo producers the actor was not permanently back he had only been back to help Mangcobo’s heist, his appearance was not a permanent fixture as fans had hoped.