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“I’m numb RIP mama” Condolences pours in for Skeem Saam actress Amanda Manku


We woke to a very sad morning for the skeem Saam actress Amanda Manku, she took it to her Instagram account and shared the devastating news of her loss as she’s currently grieving. Amanda revealed that she lost her mother/grandmother and she very numb she wrote “I’m numb. R.I.P mama R.I.P koko.”

Since then condolonces have been pouring in for the actress as she currently mourning the death of a loved one. Amanda Manku plays the character of Elizabeth Thobakgale who is the daughter of principal Thobakgale, she has a very successful career as she’s now a doctor however not everything in her life is as perfect as her career.

She found herself in a love triangle with Glenda and Kwaito which started when she decide to be Kwaito’s sidechock why he was dating Glenda. However Kwaiti finally ended his relationship who Glenda so he could be with Lizzy but they found themselves in the same situation again after Kwaito decided to cheat on Lizzy with Glenda. Now Kwaito and relationship with Lizzy came to an end he’s with Glenda now but it seems his heart is still with Lizzy as it seems he’s not happy with Glenda. It seems their love triangle will never come to an end it will continue in circles.