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Hours after 21-year-old gave birth to her baby, she dumped her in a pit latrine


Some woman can he really heartless I dont understand women who would carry their unborn child nine months only to dump them after giving birth, they are so many ways to prevent yourself from getting pregnant so would a person do such a terrible deed. If she knew she didn’t want the baby why didnt she terminate the pregnancy earlier instead if dumping a newborn baby.

21-year-old woman is being accused of dumoung her newborn born just hours after giving birth, luckily the baby survived as one of her neighbours hadbtge baby crying in a pit latrine and they took him to the hospital to get checked.

The woman was caught by the community members and she was dragged to the police station. It was reported that the woman confessed to have dumped her baby and she is currently in custody.

This have left a lot of people showing anger towards the born and here are some of their reactions below:

“I would want to know her mental and emotional history before o throw insults at her. This woman is suffering from postpartum depression but as usual our society would rather ask God to punish her that asking God to use them in assisting this woman.”