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Jub Jub writes a heartfelt happy birthday message for his son with Kelly Khumalo


A relationship between a father and a son us just as equally important as between a son and his mother. After the conflicts between songstress Kelly Khumalo and her baby daddy Jub Jub regarding their son as Kelly had been alleging that the Uyajola 9/9 host hasn’t been supporting his son financially nor has he ever made an effort to see his son since he got out of prison back in 2017. Many people started to think that Jub Jub did not care about his son and he was dragged on social media because of that.

The public thought Jub Jub didn’t care about his son Christian and didnt want him in his life. However it seems the public was wrong as the television presenter really cares about his son after all, even though the relationship with Kelly is really bad to a point that they can’t even coparent together and they are not in speaking terms, Jub Jub still wants to do what is best for his son.

Christian has just added another year and his father Jub Jub took it to his Instagram account and penned down a happy birthday message for him. He wrote:

“Happy birthday my boy, in this life I want nothing but the best for you… you growing up so fast and I can’t wait to wrap my arms around you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH👊🏽”.