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“You bloddy murderer” angry Dudu Zuma declares war on the ANC


The issue of Ace Magashuke has been going on for a few weeks now, however it seems the suspension ofbtge African National Congress Secretary General has let the whole country turned upside down. A lot of people have commented on this issue as some seem to believe that Ace Magashuke is not the only rotten apple they need to get rid of in their political as many of them are just like him.

The letter of suspension was delivered by the debuty secretary-general of the political party several members such as Ace Magashule, Zandile Gumede, Bongani Bongo and others have been suspended. However the public still questions wetter this action is enough to put a stop to the illegal things that have been happening.

However it seems some people are not happy with the suspension if Ace and one of those people is the former President’s daughter Dudu Zuma she has made it publicly known that she’s Magashule’s biggest allay and she will continue to support him even after Hus suspension.

Dudu Zuma publicly attacked the former president of the republic, FW de Klerk on social media and called him a “bloody murder”.

“De Klerk, ungena kuphi wena ezindabeni ze-ANC…you bloody murderer… #ArrestDeKlerk #VoetsekDeKlerk,” she wrote.