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67 year old granny kicked out of the house


67 year old granny kicked out of the house


Taking a chance on her husband’s death, Mashaba’ step children evicted her from her matrimonial home. The sad part is that she is struggling to find money so that she will get back her home legally.

Gogo Selina Mashaba said that her problem started in 2013 when she got married to her late husband. Her step children were always hostile to her.

Mashaba got to a point where she had to seek a protection order.

Mashaba said

“When my husband was hospitalized they started beating me and telling me to leave the house. I persevered because I did not want to leave my husband when he was sick. That was the time when he needed me the most. So I stayed at the shack at the back of the main house until in 2019 when my husband passed on.”

Mashaba claim to have her husband’s last will in her favor. However her step children are saying that

“We have a title deed with our names and we don’t know the title deed which is talking about. She must be having a fake title deed and we know that she got married to our father in a dodgy way so we don’t even consider that marriage valid.”

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However Mashaba said

“I don’t want to fight with my children. I still consider them as my children. All I want is for us to find peace and get what belongs to me and they get what belongs to them. “