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A video of a female prison guard and inmate being intimate goes viral


Social media users were taken by surprise this morning after a video of a female prison guard and an inmate was leaked this morning. The video has been going viral since the early hours of the morning and it was shared on all social media platforms.

This video is really compromising andnit shows while many prisoners enjoy being in prison because of such unacceptable deeds happening behind close doors in the prison. The jobs of prison wardens is toake sure that the inmates are not doing anything illegal inside the prison, but it seem some of them are actually looking for relationships with the inmates instead of abiding by the law.

Many viewers were left disgusted by the leaked video as they felt that the prison guard should be fired with immediate effect or even face a jail sentence gir having an intimate relationship with a prisoner.

However further investigations are currently in process and actions against the female warden will surely be taken, considering that what she was caught doing is not part of her job description and it is also against the the law.