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A well-known South African pastor gets a life sentence


Our country has had a lot ofany self proclaimed pastors who have been opening churches and performing fake miracles so that they can rip people off. These pastors have taken over many churches on South Africa and using their church members for their own benefits, its so sad his these people are allowing these fake pastors to take advantage of them in the name of healing and miracles.

Thus gas been happening for many years in our country and many of these pastors have gotten away with it, some even use these churches as a way of commiting crime and manynif these pastors a foreigners who are reaping poor South Africans off thier money it and sending the money bacje to their countries, some of those pastors have becoming millionaires by stealing from poor people.

Latest new as of a pastor in Limpopo have been breaking the internet as he is accused of s_xually assaulting minors in his church. Many of his church members new what the pasto was doing but kept quiet as he told them that it was Gid’s will, he forced himself on minors mad claimed that God had told him to do so. These incidents started in 2010 and many people were his victims, after a court case the pastor was given two life sentences.