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AKA gives tips on how to deal with trolls.


AKA gives tips on how to deal with trolls. It is without doubt that the social media streets are not for the faint hearted. Even though there is love on social media the hate can be twice as much. Some people even just go on social media to make other peoples lives miserable.


Award winning artist AKA has given his followers tips on how to handle trolls on social media especially on twitter.


According to AKA whose real name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, the best clap back one can give to a troll is ignorance. He said most people make the mistake of blocking their trolls this only makes the troll the winner for you would have given them a sense of relevance.

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He said the perfect reaction to a a troll is ignorance. Once you ignore them this will make them wonder if you even know that they exist or if you have even seen their post.


He said this a response to one of his followers who had asked him ” l have a question why haven’t l heard about you blocking people who are disagreeing with you on app like other celebrities?”Question to AKA


To this AKA said “Because if I block someone then they will know that I have noticed them, and that will give them satisfaction. If I don’t block, reply, RT or whatever at all … then you will spend your life wondering if I know you exist.”


Many were impressed by AKA’s method to deal away with trolls. Many went on to support him in the comment section.