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AKA over protective bodyguard lives social media shocked


AKA over protective bodyguard lives social media shocked.A video that has since gone viral has social media laughing their lungs out and somewhat intimidated, in the video clip we see AKA’s bodyguard in a nightclub surrounded by another artist, Costa Titch, and club-goers. What got people laughing and left intimidated was the bodyguard’s facial expression.

In the video shared on AKA’s instagram stories the bodyguard was surrounded by people having a good time but he had this serious face and he was giving everyone around him a serious stare including his employer AKA.

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Tweeps were quick to notice and went on to share their two cents on the bodyguards facial expressions.

Bro that nigga was in jail 5 years.

I once saw this guy at mimosa, he is actually quite intimidating

He looks like those dangerous Mexican gangsters we see in movies, very intimidating,

He’s focusing on AKA only, no time to dance.

Looks like the guy from Sinaloa Cartel

Very scary, no sign of fear in his eyes

This guys looks like he works for the Navarro Cartel
On a more lighter note AKA is giving away R10 000 to a lucky fan who is going to be wearing the best Halloween costume at an event over the weekend. The Super Soft Sunday Halloween edition on Sunday at the Huula Beach Club in Germiston I going to be star studded show as it has a crazy line up of A-listers. AKA and Costa Titch will be headlining the show and we were hocked to see that DJ Zinhle made the list.‌It seems AKA will be performing alongside his baby mama at the Halloween show.