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Defending Bonang Matheba



Recently, there has been a debate on social media platforms about Bonang Matheba, a popular South African media personality, not publicly expressing her condolences after the passing of her ex-boyfriend, AKA, a well-known rapper in South Africa. In response to this criticism, some Twitter users have come to Bonang’s defense by suggesting that she may not have paid tribute to AKA because he allegedly used muthi (traditional medicine) to control her during their relationship.

The claim that AKA used muthi to control Bonang is unfounded and has not been proven. It is important to note that using muthi to control someone without their consent is illegal and can be considered a form of abuse. It is also important to recognize that traditional medicine and African spirituality are deeply rooted in many African cultures and should not be stigmatized or used to discredit someone without evidence.

Furthermore, it is not fair to assume that Bonang did not pay tribute to AKA because of their past relationship or because of any unfounded rumors about his alleged use of muthi. Grief is a deeply personal experience, and everyone processes it differently. It is possible that Bonang chose to grieve in private or to pay tribute to AKA in her own way.

In addition, it is important to acknowledge that Bonang and AKA had a complicated relationship, and their breakup was highly publicized. It is not uncommon for people to have unresolved feelings or unresolved issues with an ex-partner, and these emotions can be further complicated by the public nature of their relationship. It is possible that Bonang did not pay tribute to AKA because of these unresolved emotions or because she chose to keep their relationship private.

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In conclusion, it is unfair to make assumptions about why Bonang did not publicly express her condolences after AKA’s passing. Grief is a complex and personal experience, and everyone processes it differently. It is important to show empathy and understanding during times of loss, rather than using unfounded rumors to discredit someone’s behavior.