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AKA’s Alleged Side Chick Reveals Intimate Details About The Relationship



This comes after a podcast broadcast where the lady left no stonnes unturned
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Mixed emotions following the broadcast of Omakhwapheni Podcast episode where a ladies confessions have left many tongue’s wagging. An upcoming singer known as Queen Lolly is claiming to have had a relationship with the late, Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes.

These damning allegations comes shortly after AKA was laid to rest just last week after he was mercilessly killed in Florida Road, Durban, two weeks ago. As part of the podcast panel, the controversial Musa Khawula co-hosted on the episode and Queen Lolly left no stones unturned surrounding her relationship with AKA.

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When asked about the commencement of their said relationship, Queen Lolly revealed very intimate details that were unknown to the public. Musa Khawula questioned her if the said relationship was during when AKA was still dating Bonang Matheba, DJ Zinhle and or Nadia Nakai.

“As a side chick people know that I tell the truth, I tell nothing but the truth. I am not here for AKA but i am here to answer and communicate with my people as an artist. People have been asking me, you and Big Zulu, Master KG, Teko Modise and whatnot. Although I won’t be too sure about the time frame of when I was AKA’s side chick. Men can lie to you, I started fu**king AKA last year (2022). It was Valentine’s, there still even roses that I received, it was flourist and he sent me the flowers. I started fu**king AKA last year” said Queen Lolly
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Musa Khawula hosted Queen Lolly on the Omakwapheni podcast.

She makes shocking claims about the now late rapper, AKA Kiernan Forbes.

She claims she ” F*ckd ” AKA last year

” I have AKA’s clothes at my house ”

When asked if her s exual relationship with AKA was a one night stand or an ongoing thing, Queen Lolly was very adamant and maintained that it was never a one time thing.

“No, definitely I have AKA’s clothes in my house. Whenever AKA is around Joburg, where he is around Gauteng, he would fly me to Durban. He will be coming to my house in Gauteng, so why should I lie?” said Queen Lolly

Queen Lolly went on to claim that her relationship with AKA was never ended. Even though the rapper is late but Queen Lolly maintains that her and AKA were very frequent and their never ended their relationship.
“My shit was never ended with AKA, it was never ended. Even if we fight, he was colored or mixed of white and black but my shit with him even if we fight, or even if my friend sees and comment with the drama that we had, I don’t give a shit. But our shit was never ended. Every time he sees me, every time we spent time together I was satisfied” said Queen Lolly

When Musa Khawula questioned Queen Lolly on when she last saw the slain rapper, her response was rather alarming considering of course that AKA was still dating Nadia Nakai. Queen Lolly claims she last saw AKA last Christmas before he travelled for a family Christmas celebrations.

“Last time I see AKA, it was a weekend before he travelled for a family Christmas. Because I demanded and I told him that I need time with him before he travels or he travels with me as a side chick. We spent together, with him. Right now I have a kitchen that is running. I have a music career. AKA understood me more than everyone.