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All the rich men Khanyi Mbau dated and left in tears


All the rich men Khanyi Mbau dated and left in tears. Khanyi Mbau has been the talk of the town lately after dumping her boyfriend in Dubai. After her boyfriend shared how much he had spent on her many people began calling her a gold digger. These made some curious about the kind of man she used to date before. Just by going through her dating lane it seems Khanyi Mbau has a weakness for rich men.

1. Theunis Crous
Khanyi Mbau once dated Crous even though he was a married man. Theunis Crous is a successfull construction businessman who also has political connections . The two relationship made waves back in the day mainly because Crous was married. However this love triangle didn’t bother her as long as she had the bag.

2. Mandla Mthembu

When her relationship came to an end with Crous she moved on to another wealth man. This time around it was Mandla Mthembu is one of Mzansi wealthy man. When the two began dating they had an age difference of 30years and Khanyi admitted that she was only after the money. The two got married in 2007 and they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl together. As expected their marriage didn’t last long as Khanyi found another rich man.

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3. Tebogo Lerole
The two had a roller coaster kind of relationship. One minute they were a couple and the next they were enemies. However they broke off for good last year. He also had a fat bank account.

4. Kudzai Terrence Mushonga

This is Khanyi’s latest victim and we truly thought she had found the one. Mushonga is a Zimbabwen business man who is considered to be one of the billioners in his country. The two have been dating for 8months now and they sure did paint the whole nation red. However things have recently gone bad between the two and the man is just lamenting over his money. However Khanyi Mbau doesn’t seem bothered by the whole. So perhaps Khanyi Mbau is not a gold digger but she just loves the ones with money and they also love her.