Home Scandals All you need to know about Shepherd Bushiri Rape allegations

All you need to know about Shepherd Bushiri Rape allegations


All you need to know about Shepherd Bushiri Rape allegations. The leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering Shepherd Bushiri is under investigation for rape.

What you need to know about the case.

Last week on e.tv two women accussed Shepherd of rape on different occasions but both at a hotel.

The first one said she was lured on the pretense of prayer. She said while she was attending one of the church service an elder approached her informing her that Bushiri wanted to pray for her in private. The woman said when she went to see Bushiri he asked for a kiss and a hug.

” I said no I can’t do this, you are married and he said ‘no, don’t worry about that.’ I said no I can’t. From then, he touched me here [on the forehead] so that’s when I manifested. I don’t know, I was under the power that I don’t even know.”

It is alleged that after raping he gave her R 5000.

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The other woman said Bushiri lured her to him using bible study. She said she got a text message from Bushiri asking her to come and have bible study. She said when she went to have a Bible study with him she found him on the bed naked. Bushiri went on to rape her and also gave her R5 000.

However Bushiri is strongly denying all these allegations says he is actually the victim in all of this. While he was addressing his congregants virtually he said these are false allegations ment to ruin his reputation. He also said people are also trying to make money from these false claims.

He said this attempt started way back in 2017. He said They told me how they would use the media and how they would use the Hawks. When I heard these things, I also heard that they said ‘we will also defame you and we will make sure that you get arrested for rape, that you raped people, if you do not give us the money’,”

Bushiri went on to claim that some man and women actually confessed to him that they were working with investigating officers in order to get money out of him. He says he actually have all this on recording.

I want my name cleared.

“I’m a public figure and I also need my name to be cleared. I’m also waiting for the Hawks, that when they are done with their investigation, to come back and tell the same media what their findings are. I believe that as a public figure, I have the same rights that any person has.”


Hawks speaks

The Hawks said they were aware of the serious allegations being made by Bushiri and they are not going to take it lightly. The Hawks spokesperson said.

“The prophet should not have waited for three years, why has there not been a case at this stage? We are also keen to know the truth. He can pursue the allegations with the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid), the police, or the Hawks,” he said.