Home Entertainment Amanda Du pont gives a nasty clapback at Mama Jackie.

Amanda Du pont gives a nasty clapback at Mama Jackie.


Amanda Du pont gives a nasty clapback at Mama Jackie. Amanda Du Pont is back again, this time to offer her side of the narrative in relation to what Mama Jackie said about his son Jub Jub being accused of abuse and asking for an apology.

Amanda and Masechaba Khumalo both alleged that Jub Jub had abused them at different points in the past and this didn’t go well with Mama Jackie. Like almost every mother defends his child, she then wanted the two to retract their claims and what incensed Amanda was what Maarohanye aka Jub Jub said about her on MacG’s podcast.

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Both these women had advice from their legal representatives on how to handle Mama Jackie, Mpambani’s demands. Mabu Marweshe of Marweshe Attorneys sook the counsel of Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi and came up with the following:

“We confirm that we have received the letters and we will respond in due course. But we cannot comment on the other two cases right now. We will issue a statement once our clients have made their statements under oath with the police, and we have also issued our court papers, “ said Marweshe.

Amanda DuPont allege that she didn’t report the issue due to fearing Mama Jackie. She also mentioned how she misused donation proceeds from Oprah Winfrey. Mama Jackie made her follow-through using her attorneys BDK, as well as attacking Amanda and Khumalo.

“Our instructions are to record, as we hereby do, that by posting the aforementioned video, you are purposefully misguiding members of the public by stating and/or implying that our client is a criminal, our client was involved in unsavoury and fraudulent dealings with Oprah [Winfrey], that our client has some hold over her son and further that our client practises with muti,” reads BDK’s letter to Amanda.

“Our client sympathetically denies that she was in any manner involved in your relationship with her son and that she deals or has ever dealt with muti. Our instructions are therefore to demand, as we hereby do, that you forthwith and within 48 hours of receipt of this letter … remove the video post from your Instagram page as well as any other platforms on which you may have posted the aforementioned video,” they went on.

It also stated, “Confirm per return that you will not create and/or post any further defamatory post that concerns our client.”

They also demanded an apology in writing from Du-Pont Mpambani.

“Regrettably, from your conduct and by making the false allegations against our client, you have little regard for the interest of justice or our client’s constitutional right to privacy and dignity.

“Our instructions are that the Twitter post was posted by you in order to defame, insult and shame our client.”