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Andile Lungisa to start serving his jail term on Thursday


Andile Lungisa to start serving his jail term on Thursday. Nelson Mandela Bay ANC councilor Andile Lungisa has been given a grace period up until Thursday to hand himself in at the correctional services so that he can begin serving his two year jail term for assult with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

This development was confirmed by Alwyn Griebenow who is representing Andile in his case. He said he received the notice on Tuesday meaning Andile was given 48 hours to hand himself in.

However Griebenow said they have already submitted the application for leave to appeal to the constitutional court. They also wanted to apply to have his bail extended. “The papers have been drafted and will most likely be filed (with the constitutional court) first thing on Wednesday morning.”

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He strongly denied claims that there was an application to extend Lungisa’s bail which is going to be argued on Tuesday. This resulted in a lot of confusion outside the high court as it was not clear if there was going to be a bail application or not.

All this confusion began with a group of former ANCYL leaders who are behind the movement “justice for Lungisa”. They issued out a statement on Monday saying the bail application was going to take place.

On Tuesday. morning Lungisa came to the high court in Makhanda accompanied by a dozen of his supporters. Most of them were expecting a bail hearing on Tuesday afternoon.

However Nickie Turner who is the senior state advocate said the director of public prosecution were not aware of any application that was submitted to extend Andile’s bail. She said even the high court registrar’s office confirmed that the was nothing set down to be argued.

Even Lungisa himself confirmed that there was no bail hearing. He said the only reason why he came to Makhanda was to file their papers.

“There will be no application today. We will first file our application for leave to appeal to the Con Court after which we will argue for bail to be extended.”

Five supreme court of appeal judges saw the two year jail term was fitting considering his crime. Andile smashed a glass water jug on the head of DA councillor Rani Kayser in October 2016 during a a heated council meeting. Kayser was badly injured.

Lungisa tried to appeal against his two year jail term but his appeal was dismi6 by the high court in Makhanda.