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Babalwa under fire for wearing fake hair to clicks natural hair protest


Babalwa under fire for wearing fake hair to clicks natural hair protest. Pharmaceutical giant Click’s have found themselves in hot soup after publishing their advert calling african natural hair dry and damaged. The advert has caused so much outroar from celebrities, politicians and ordinary people. Many people found this advert very degrading to African people.

As many people kept on bashing the company for their advert they took it down and issued a public apology. However EFF felt that the company was not showing any remorse and it went on to the streets protesting against the company asking them to close their shops. Over 40 Clicks stores ended up closing as a result of the protest and one of shop was even petrol bombed.

Babalwa also decided to join EFF in protesting against Clicks she shared a picture of herself going to the store to protest. However her pic was received with so much backlash. Many asked her why she was going to defend African natural hair while wearing a weave. This shows that she is actually not comfortable with her natural hair.


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Some even asked her if she didn’t notice that most people were rocking their natural hair showing how much beautiful it is and she just goes there with an imported hair.

However Babalwa was not moved by all this critisicm. She clapped back by saying what she is wearing wether natural or artificial it doesn’t matter as long as she is fighting a for good cause against the racial remarks.

She said “I literally should’ve just worn a blonde wig to p**s all you fake stooged out a**holes! I can go and fight for anything I want in whatever way I want! What’s important is that I’m fighting!”

She said all these trolls should seat down and keep quite especially if they have the courage to stand up and make a difference.

“Sit your clown ass out of this because you’re weak and watch while we put racists in their place!”

Meanwhile Ntsiki Mazwai has called unto other celebrities to come and join her while she protest against Click’s and they should come wearing their natural hairs. She urged celebs to be comfortable with their hair and not mislead fans with their insecurities.


Ntsiki Mazwai's tweet