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Babes Wodumo has finally found Mampintsha’s pin



Babes Wodumo has been trending for different reasons since the untimely death of her husband Mampintsha. During her speech at the funeral proceedings, she announced that Mamphintsha had died without giving her his phone password. She was confused as she didn’t know what she was going to do with a locked phone.

All that has since changed since she posted a video on Mamphintsha’s Facebook page confirming that she has found the pin. In the video Babes Wodumo could be seen happy and bubbly thanking her late husband for loving her till death. She said, “I have finally unlocked my husband’s phone. Thank you baby! Shame, my husband loved me until death.Im busy looking at his chats, and don’t worry I will not fight anyone”.See the video below of babes Wodumo going through Mampintsha’s phone:

People on social media had mixed reactions about this see some comments below:
“I think better focus on healing cause in all honest what you are doing is damaging yourself more, an uzihlekisa ngalezo ntombi ozibonayo. He’s not around to answer for himself anymore, u can’t fight lezo ntombi either. Just flush the phone and focus on the kid and your healing. This will depress you more. Think for that soul that needs you.”

Another user wrote: “Mampintsha won’t rest in peace, it’s a lesson to those who want to pay lobola for alcoholics. When will she mourn for her husband’s death 😔”