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Big break for Somizi Mhlongi as he makes a comeback


Big break for Somizi Mhlongi as he makes a comeback.Somizi has not been having a good year after his estranged husband accused him of being abusive towards him. But as always Somizi always seems to bounce back from adverse situations.

It seems he has bagged himself a slot on the popular TV channel Moja Love as one of its talents and he is not wasting anytime as he has already started filming.

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“He is on set every day shooting and having a great time but it is intense,” the mole revealed to Daily Sun.

“He will be shooting almost every day for the next three weeks.”

This is good good for Somizi who had been canned canned by Metro FM and Idols SA since since the accusations of abuse broke and it seems that that he might not be going back there. The accusations by Mohale have derailed the stars career and have had major repracautions on it.

“I have never been physically or knowingly emotionally abusive towards my estranged husband. I totally deny the allegations of criminal acts towards him and would like to clear my name of that defamation,” Somizi said through a statement pouring cold water on the claims of abuse.
However Mohale stood by his claims saying that Somizi was abusive towards him and said he never meant for the audio to be leaked.

“I did, in fact, experience abuse at the hands of my estranged husband, both physical and psychological. It is not my wish to seesaw my experience against his as he only has his own conscience to deal with,” he said.