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Big break in Senzo Meyiwa’s case see the latest development here


Big break in Senzo Meyiwa’s case see the latest development here.Bafana Bafana Captain, Senzo Meyiwa murder is one of the longest on going high profile case and it is clear that Mzansi still remebers his death and his family’s loss. The fact that the case is still on going is a tragedy on its own considering that it has been years since it happened and his family and fans are still leaving with the fact tha Senzo’s killer is still at large.

However it seems like some progress is being made which is not a first considering that we are nearing the time of his death, every time round about this time there is always some development happening with case which later on fizzles always.

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Reports suggest that Fisokuhle Ntuli, a hired hitman is responsible for the death of several people and it seems Senzo Meyiwa is also part of the list. According to reports the guilty verdict was given to him at the Esikhaleni Regional Court in Richards Bay.

Ntuli’s rap sheet is long as he was supposedly charged with six counts of murder, one for attempted murder and another four counts for the usage of an unlicensed firearm. The Hitman was also found guilty for the murder of ANC councillor Thami Nyembe that happened in 2016 and also Senzo’s murder has been added to the list.

“What’s sad about the Senzo Meyiwa story is that, had it been a woman who was shot, Senzo would’ve been behind bars as we speak. He would’ve lost his livelihood. But then again, it shows how lives of men are not the same as other people”

“It is very weird that everytime when the anniversary of senzo meyiwa’s death approaches the SAPS always comes with a lead which never goes anywhere now they are using that Ntuli guy because he has other murder cases.”

“Konje it’s October, Senzo Meyiwa’s death anniversary is coming up… They’ll be telling us lies and also promoting the SAPS telling us they doing their job while they ain’t doing sh*t! The real killers are out there enjoying life while the Meyiwa family cries everyday! Sies! ”

During the time of his murder Senzo was dating Kelly Khumalo who has been accused of having a hand in his untimely death. A few months back some document were leaked which suggested that Kelly was a person of interest to the NPA as they have been trying to access her cellphone records.

However her lawyer’s said she is not a suspect, “Our client notes the recent developments of which at this sad time allowed her the opportunity to remain private in the best interest of herself and children especially that of the daughter she has with Mr. Meyiwa.”

“We wish to place it on record that our client is not implicated nor charged in this matter and is therefore not a suspect,” the statement concluded.

There is definitely some unresolved issues between Kelly and the late Senzo Meyiwa as she said on her reality show Life With Kelly Khumalo. The singer noted how betrayed she was by him pointing out that she did not know that his was married till she was three months pregnant with their now 7 year old son Thingo.
She said this hurt her deeply and affected her trust in people.

“The biggest thing is I don’t have trust. I just don’t trust human beings period. Because I’ve gone through this with my late boyfriend where I was lied to and I only found out that this man was married when I was 3 months into my pregnancy,” she said.

She has also spoken about her past relationship with presenter Jub Jub, noting that she has tried to bring Jub Jub to have a relationship with his child however her efforts have been fruitless. “I’ve tried and when Christian gets older he will know. I mean his old enough to remember that I did mention certain things with him because I was trying to make an effort for him to have a father in his life. I am washing my hands. I have had enough. This whole father thing is an issue. Christian’s father is not making an effort. My father is also not making an effort,” added Kelly. “Also with my dad. Everything is fizzled out. And, I’m at the point where I’m like – it’s right now. I don’t care anymore.”