Home Celebrity News Bishop Makamu shares his covid-19 experience.

Bishop Makamu shares his covid-19 experience.


Bishop Makamu shares his covid-19 experience

Bishop lsrael Makamu was hit hard by the covid-19 and he thought he was not going to make it.

Makamu who has just recovered from the virus says at one point the symptoms worsened and he thought he was surely going to die.

He shared that he went to get prayers from Pastor Mboro and he credits his recovery to those prayers.

When he was speaking to Drum magazine Makamu said it was a challenging time for him for at one point he was struggling to breath, he had lost sense of taste and smell.

Even sleeping for him was not peaceful for he would have nightmares of his own funeral.

Bishop Makamu went on his Instagram account to share his experience.

He said of the things he used trying to recover from the virus Jesus was the one who healed him.

He went on to say this virus is not only physically inorder to defeat it you have to be strong both mentally and spiritually.

Putting God before everything,then you can sanitise and wear your mask but you should talk to God more often.

Makamu went on to share that after he tested positive to the virus he treated himself with home remedies made by his wife.