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Boity Thulo finally swallows her pride and opens up about her addiction


Boity Thulo finally swallows her pride and opens up about her addiction. We have seen some people confront all kinds of addictions and the same goes to celebrities as well, the difference being that certain individuals don’t just open up to the public.

Time to time and age to age, we have even witnessed some international celebrities battle certain addictions, the same applying to our very own Mzansi celebs. However, addictions come in different sizes and shapes, as some cases are said to be better than others. This leads us to Boity Thulo’s self-confessed addiction which many might think is the better version of this issue often associated with health, alcohol, even drugs.

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Yes, on top of the list usually comes drug or alcohol addiction, but to her it revolves around shopping. The lady just has an addiction for shopping, she is a shopaholic. She used to help others fight their different sets of addiction, but with this one people wonder about where she will get a remedy to her issue.

Her husband, Rich Mnisi even went on Instagram to share his delight in starting to deal with this issue, but Boity is far from initiating that journey. Her acceptance to this addiction though is a positive first step to delivering herself from the jaws of this predicament which many might hate to hate.

MacG’s “Podcast and Chill’s” co-host Sol Phenduka also revealed how Boity helped him to conquer his set of addiction and he spoke highly of her. This also come after Boity and Bujy Bikwa has an altercation where the latter beat the former in an incident which Sol himself didn’t really specify who he thought won that contest. This is so because he is acquainted to both of them.

Also on Instagram is this rapper officially confirming her relationship with Anton Jeftha and they have been traveling for holidays together ever since. Inside SA will also air one of their getaways on the 17th of January specifically at 5:30pm on a Monday. This is after they announced to have managed to sign a mega-business deal which will bring fortunes to their empire.