Home International News Bushiri and his wife Mary have been released in Malawi

Bushiri and his wife Mary have been released in Malawi


Self-proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was arrested in Malawi after they ran away from South Africa after they were granted bail. After their court appearance today Malawian Judge Viva Nyimba has ordered their release

Nyimba said that their arrest was unlawful and against the laws of Malawi. The couple is fugitives after running away from South African law authorities. They are facing cases of fraud, corruption, and money laundering. The couple cited that their lives were in danger as they were numerous attempted hits on their lives. They demanded that the government should meet their conditions before they can come back to face trial.

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The judge said that he will look at the legality of their arrest not what transpired in SA. In addition, the judge said that he is aware of the bilateral relationship between SA and Malawi but the rule of law must be observed.

The two-handed themselves to the police after finding out that an Interpol warrant of arrest was issued against them. They are charged with theft, fraud money laundering to the some of 100 million rands.