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Bushiri under investigation for raping   two women


Bushiri under investigation for raping   two woment. It looks like controversy is never far from the Enlightened Christian Gathering church leader Shepherd Bushiri. This time around the church leader has been ropped in on rape allegations.

On Wednesday two women publicly accused the self proclaimed Prophet of rape. They said he called them to a hotel in Pretoria claiming that he wanted to pray for them but ended up raping them.

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The women opened up during an eTV interview. The police have also confirmed to the channel that the case was reported to them and they are investigating the matter.

One of the victims said he noticed how the pastor was always looking at her during church services or stand very close to her. Then few days later she was told by the church leader that Bushiri wanted to pray for her in a hotel.Shepherd Bushiri

She told the channel that “He insisted on a hug and tried to kiss me. I said no I can’t do this, you’re married. And he said ‘don’t worry about that’. He then touched me here [forehead] and I manifested,”

She said she no longer had control over her body. It felt more like she was under a spell. Bushiri went on to rape and then payed her off with R5 000.

The second victim was also lured using the word of God. She said she was asked to come and have bible study with the man of God. However when she went to the hotel where he was she found him lying on the bed naked. She continued by saying
“He asked me to take off my clothes and then told me to turn around. I was shaking and scared. I didn’t know what to do. After that he came on to me and everything happened.”
She was also given R5,000, she alleged.

However Bushiri is denying all these allegations. Rather he said these women are being forced by an official to make all these false allegations against him. In a statement Bushiri said “This has been done together with members of the media. This woman comes and demands money from us. The supposed victims come and demand money from us. The shameless journalists also demand money from us.
“This woman, for the past 3 years, has been running an extortion syndicate against me through sending girls to demand money from us and if we don’t give, she told the girls to go public and accuse us of raping them,”