Home Politics Bushiri’s daughter insults Cyril and Sans want her deported to Malawi

Bushiri’s daughter insults Cyril and Sans want her deported to Malawi


Bushiri’s daughter insults Cyril and Sans want her deported to Malawi. Her comments not only accumulated mixed reactions among South Africans, but also led to a situation equivalent to a war of words.

The issue has been rife to the extent of getting somewhat of a subliminal response from President Ramaphosa in his weekly presidium letter. The president urged fellow South Africans to honour the structures that make the country what it is saying they should do all they can “to protect the constitution, the democratic state, and the electoral process” in spite of efforts from those with hideous goals to dishonour the law.

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Lindiwe Sisulu who is the Tourism Minister was the chief orchestrator of such comments which might cause divisions in the country. Ten days ago, Sisulu despised the constitution and the judiciary system alleging that those two national entities had not done enough to alleviate the abject poverty and deprivation subjected to the black people in South Africa.

EFF’s Naledi Chirwa, spiritual daughter to the outspoken Prophet Shepherd Bushiri also weighed in on the issue and as she made her case on Twitter belittled the president. She likened him to a little boy while siding with Sisulu’s viewpoint.

She wrote, “You are such a weak little boy. All your fellow stooges you sent to collapse Lindiwe were collapsed themselves. It won’t be surprising if you do what little boys do when overpowered by women. Throw the tantrum we are expecting it. You will forever remain a toothless boy. Mfana ke mfana – a boy is a boy,”

Some South Africans then reacted angrily to her tweet while some were forgiving and supported her argument. Others also made reference to her Malawian roots since her parents then migrated to South Africa and they have since called for her return to that country.

This is so despite her being born in East Rand and another group of people were comical in their responses urging her to skip the border back to Malawi in similar fashion like her spiritual father Bushiri did after being confronted with fraud and money laundering charges.