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Capitec bank users become laughing stock again


Capitec bank users become laughing stock again. Capitec Bank users have become laughing stock once again when they were spotted lining up in a very huge que just to withdraw sums of money like R100, R50, R200 and so forth, but what they are being laughed at for is the fact that they are lining up in a huge queue while there are other ATMs that are free and cost the same.



Remember it is only in FNB where withdrawals are free and the other banks charge R10 per withdrawal, so there is no need whatsoever, for people to be seen lining up in such a huge queue for no apparent reason.



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This behavior can be seen all over the country and it has become a cause for concern for most members of the public, because they do not understand why there is a situation.



Where there are so many people who choose to use the ATM that is written on their card because it is not like they are saving a lot of money, people need to get acquainted with the way things are in the world otherwise they live blindly.



Many members of the public are very determined to change this kind of behavior, because it is very humorous that our people have grown to be so ignorant that they are not even doing a good job thinking for themselves.




For most people time is more valuable than the R2 that they are supposedly saving, and when I say to most people I mean all people, because you can never regain that time but you can use your time to make more money.




Many people are laughing on social media because they do not understand why a lot of people exhibit this kind of behavior, and there are many other behaviors that the members of the public have and they shock a lot of people.