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Chicco Twala defends his son that he didn’t kill Senzo Meyiwa.


Chicco Twala defends his son that he didn’t kill Senzo Meyiwa. Six years down the line after he was killed the question still remain unanswered who killed Senzo Meyiwa. The Orlando pirates and Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa was murdered on the 26th of October 2014 while he was at the house of his then girlfriend Kelly Khumalo.

It was reported that he was shot by some robbers who had come to rob the house. Kelly and Senzo were not alone when the robbers came they were in the company of Kelly’s sister Zandie together with her then boyfriend Longwe. Unfortunately Senzo was the only one who was killed during the incident. The police have not arrested any suspects related to the murder but many theories of what truly happened have been surfacing.

Senzo Meyiwa

At first it was reported that Kelly hired some hitman to kill her baby daddy and it was reported that the motive behind was that Senzo had promised to give Kelly some money but didn’t fulfil his promise and he had also promised to marry her but was now showing signs that he is no longer interested in marriage. This didn’t seat well with Kelly that’s why he hired the hitman to kill him this was according to the confession of a man who is suspected to be part of those hitmen who went and killed Kelly.

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However recently the Meyiwa’s spokesperson Miya said the person who killed Senzo Meyiwa was actually Longwe Twala. According to Meyiwa Longer shot Senzo after he had gotten into an argument with Twala’s then girlfriend Zanda. However Longwe has not spoken up about the allegations but his father has decided to be his voice saying his son did not have a hand in Senzo’s death.

Longwe’s father Sello Chicco Twala is a South African musician and producer went and conducted an interview with Newzroom in the interview he was defending his son against the allegations levelled against him. Speaking during the interview he said “The relationship between his son and Zandi was still new for them to fight, there is no way that they would have fought. Longwe is his son, he will never go out there and fight anybody .He said Longwe is a drug addict but he cant go out and find with people and he is not violent.Even said after the incident he stood with him for days asking him what happened but Longwe gave him the same statement he gave the police.”

What is concerning to me though is the fact that Longwe didn’t see the need to defend himself against such an accusation why interview Chicco who was not even there when the accident happened. Longwe should have defended himself he is not a minor anymore who will wait for his parents to defend him.