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Congregant panties removed and they got shaved in front of the whole church.


Congregant panties removed and they got shaved in front of the whole church. It is truly disheartening to see how the man of the clothes are taking advantage of people who are in dire need of help. One can do literally anything to get their problems solved and these fake pastor’s are riding on their desperation.

There has been a video circulating on social media of a self proclaimed pastor calling unto female members of the church to line up in front of the pulpit. He wents on to instruct them to take off their undergarments while he went to get a shaving stick and began shaving their private hair.

The prophet was not doing the shaving on his own but he was being assisted by a second man who was collecting the shaved hair with a piece of cloth.

Older and young women are seen trickling to the pulpit to have their private hair shaved by the man of the cloth. The pastor also takes time to pray for the congregants and sounded as if he was speaking in tongues while touching their feet, giving him the chance to see from below their dresses and skirts.

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Watch the Video below…


A banner was hanged on the front wall of the church premises and was written ‘Supernatural Cleansing.’

The scene has been shunned by many as they found it too inappropriate and disgusting on every level.
Several people commented on the incident:

The desperation of Africans especially women has led us to this point . This is abuse and its not salvation. You cannot allow a Pastor to touch your privates like that worse off in front of people like that. Disgusting to say the least

This is unhealthy, you can tell that he is using the same razor blades and shaving sticks on everyone

Where in the bible is it written a Pastor should shave his congregants? Are these church people or prophets writing or reading their own bible?

He must be taken into custody for doing such a degrading thing to women. Where are women rights groups and the police, they should find him and lock him in prison for shaming women in front of everyone?