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Connie Ferguson  loves again on the Queen


Connie Ferguson  loves again on the Queen. We never thought we would see Connie back on our screens as she recently lost her husband but she came back for The Queen season 6 and while things are not going so well for Connie of screen things seem to be going well for the character she plays on The Queen Harriet.

Harriet is a drug dealing kingpin who is ruthless and will not stop at anything to get what she wants, she will destroy anything and anyone who gets in her way. We have never seen Harriet in love but it seems season 6 is showing us a side of Harriet we never knew existed as we see her as the ice Queen.

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Ever since Harriet returned to our screens she has been a different women who seems more relaxed when it comes to her business and has a certain glow about her which only comes from being in love.

She has found love in the most unlikely place and with the wrong person. The relationship between her and Hector is already destined to end in tears especially for her as he is a married man and to make matters worse the families are sworn enemies. Things are definitely going to get intense when Brutus and Shaka find out about the affair and I cannot wait for that day as we live for the drama sis.

Latey Harriet seems not to be concerned about the business which is a problem as she is the brains of the operation or is the Sebata’s plan to distract her while they make their move.

Hector and Harriet’s love affair spells disaster for both families as it will ignite an unending war or will it be what brings the two families together. Lets not kid ourselves this means war ad bloodshed as Hector’s daughter is on a quest of vengeance and she is definitely out for blood for the death of her sister Mpho.

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All the pieces are in play on the storyboard. But as always in this sort of game, the most cunning piece remains The Queen.